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Balala the Fairies (巴啦啦小魔仙, Bālālā Xiǎo Mó Xian) is a Chinese magical girl franchise created by Alpha Group Co., Ltd. It focuses on a group of three girls (mostly Chinese girls) who are given magical powers and use them for good. The series currently has five seasons, two spinoffs and three live-action movies.

  • All English names are taken from Alpha Group themselves. They often put English names to their shows and characters in order to find potential licensors.
  • Although "fairy" in Chinese is translated as "xiānnu" (仙女) the show uses the word "mó xiān" (魔仙), a shortened form of "mófă xiānnu" (魔法仙女), "magic fairy". Hence why we refer to the main heroines as "fairies".

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